Decorated Alphabet Letters in Orillia

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

Every summer the city of Orillia has street art along the main street in the downtown area. Each year there is a different theme,  three years ago it was guitars, 2 years ago sailboats and last year it was great big chairs. This year is the letters of the alphabet.

Decorated letter H like a castle

An ‘H’ turned into a castle that apparently lights up at night

Each letter has a sponsor and an artist. The letter is painted, embellished and made artistic in many different ways and with many different mediums. The letter this year seems to correspond with the sponsor – so Mariposa Market has an ‘M’ and Georgian College has a ‘G’.

There is a contest to vote for your favourite and one lucky artist will win the grand prize – last year it was $10,000 dollars. And I know the artist, in fact I even have one of her pieces. Two Inukshuks sitting at the fire roasting marshmallows. Kathy’s work is very bright, cheery and colourful. So is her G for Georgian College where she has depicted many buildings and sites of Orillia.

The letter G all decked out with scenes of Orillia

The front side of Kathy’s piece

The letter G all decked out

The back side of Kathy’s G

All of the artists are very talented and the letters are extremely well done – I only saw a few of them today while I was in Orillia helping to take down the Women’s Art Show at the museum.

Letter R decorated with gears and cogs and wheels

Love this letter R

The street art each year really is inspiring and it is quite amazing how these artists can create so much with a chair, sailboat or letter.

The letter A painted for a car race

The letter A at the races

I do recommend if you are anywhere near Orillia this summer to take the time to tour the main street and vote for your favourite letter.

Happy Quilting!

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