Stitch Along Sunday - Darlene MacIsaac

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One of my friends and blog followers, Darlene MacIsaac, has joined the Stitch Along Sunday fun with us. Since she doesn’t have her own blog on which to share her work and the story she asked if I would post it here on my site.

For sure! I know that not everyone has the time, energy, know-how or even desire to maintain a blog, so I’m happy to help out. Here’s Darlene’s story to go with the piece shown above.

Our family spent many days at the beach when we lived in Cape Breton. The beach in Inverness has giant sand dunes covered with dune grasses that things can get caught up in, like the beach ball in my picture. You are not allowed to walk through the dunes as they are protected, so sometimes toys that blow away and get caught in the grass have to be left behind.