Bright fabrics with a light background

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Last week I asked for all of you to vote on which bright print I should use for my feature fabric and I had a fantastic response. Thanks everyone for adding a comment and voting for your favourite. If you missed week one you can find it here, Stitch Along Sunday – September Week 1.

It was a toss up between the zigzag print and the swirls. I decided to go with the swirls as you can see from the photo above. And after having a sneak peak of the rules for the next couple of weeks I knew I had made the right choice. As well, I had to change my wool fabrics to plain cottons. I don’t have a lot of each wool fabric and didn’t want to waste them in piecing but I will use them for week 3 – can’t tell you how right now as that would spoil the surprise for next week.

Ruth has the complete set of rules on her blog – September Rules Week 2. And if you go back to September Week 1 of her blog you will find all of the cutting instructions for each fabric and her rules for which fabrics to cut for each piece.

I started out by cutting up all of the pieces I would need.


1. From your favourite 2 colours cut from each: 1 – 2″ x 8 ½″ rectangle

2. From the 2 that least go together cut from each: 1 – 1″ x 6 ½″ rectangle

3. From the remaining 2 cut from each: 1 – 1 ½″ x 7 ½″ rectangle

4. From the feature print cut: 1 – 4 ½″ x 11″ rectangle

strips of bright fabrics and a large multi-coloured piece of fabric

Bright pieces cut


5. Cut 2 – 1 ½″ x 8 ½″ rectangles

6. Cut 5 – 1″ x 8 ½″ rectangles

7. Cut 2 – 1 ½″ squares

8. Cut 2 – 1″ x 2 ½″ rectangles

9. Cut 1 – 4 ½″ x 11″ rectangle

Background pieces cut

Background pieces cut

Putting it All Together

To begin with I sewed the small background pieces to the appropriate bright strip – #2 with #8 and #3 with #7.

light coloured fabric attached to bright coloured fabric

Small background pieces sewn to strips

Then I laid out the pieces to see what configuration of strips I wanted to use.

fabric strips laid out in random order

Auditioning layouts

A second possibility.

Fabrics rearranged alternating bright and light strips

Another layout option

I came to the conclusion that I wanted a 7th colour and I added in a turquoise strip to go in the middle. Cut at 2 ½″ x 8 ½″.

& bright coloured strips with light coloured strips between

Seventh colour added

I also realised that I had the primary colours and secondary colours in my palette of strips so I grouped each together on either side of the turquoise strip.

stries grouped on either side of middle strip are primary or secondary colours

Primary & secondary colours grouped together

Finally I added the two large rectangles. I love the look of it – a bit of a modern design to this mini art quilt challenge.

Multi-coloured fabric added to one side of alternating strips and a light colour added to the other side

Sewing complete

I am looking forward to next week as I know I am going to have fun with the wool fabrics I originally picked for this project.

Make sure to drop by and check it out. See you next week.

Happy Quilting!

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