multiple types and colours of fabrics

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

It has been a few weeks since I posted a stitch along post – I was rather delinquent in August and didn’t follow along with that stitch along. Sometimes, life just gets in the way as you all know.

I’m back and ready to go this month especially since the colours are to be bright and as you all know I do love bright colours.

Oh I just heard a whole bunch of geese honking – I do hope they are not flying south as it is far too soon in my opinion for summer to be over. Although this past week we had amazing weather and Tripod and I moved my office to the deck most days to enjoy those warm temps.

This week’s rules can be found on Ruth’s blog – September Week 1 Rules. They are very simple and will take no time at all so why don’t you join in the fun?  All you have to do is pull a few bright fabrics and a light out of your stash – that’s it – easy peasy.

I had purchased a set of bright wools at a show I recently attend from my friend Mari-Lyn of ByTowne Threads and have been itching to use them. I also purchased some Lana Wool Aurifil thread which I hope I can use for this project as well. It is very thick – 12 wt and I can’t wait to give it a try and see how it performs in my sewing machine. I could end up hooked on yet another thread.

I auditioned a few different multi-coloured bright fabrics, some batiks and some cottons, to go with the wools.

Fabric Combo #1 – Zigzag

multicoloured zigzag fabric and solid brights

Zigzag with solids

Fabric Combo #2 – Swirls

Swirl fabrics with solid coloured fabrics

Swirls & solids

Fabric Combo #3 – Hearts

multi-coloured hearts and bright solids

Hearts & solids

Fabric Combo #4 – Flowers

multi-coloured bright flowers and bright solids

Flowers & solids

Fabric Combo #5 – Dots

multi-coloured lines and solid fabrics

Dots & solids

Light Fabrics

The light background fabric selection is going to be tough as well as they all look good with each of the bright selections.

Several light coloured fabrics

The lights

And the Winner ….

will be announced next Sunday. Make sure to cast your vote for your favourite bright in the comment section below.

See you then.

Happy Quilting