4 triangles on black fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

This week we are cutting up the pieces we made last week. See Ruth’s blog for October -Week 3 Rules.

Don’t forget to check out the Stitch Along Sunday October Gallery as there are several of us particiapting in this Stitch Along. It is great to see all the different fabrics from each participant – such a wide variety.

If you missed last weeks post get caught up at Stitch Along Sunday – October Week 2.

I decided that I would cut my piece on the diagonal twice instead of horizontally and vertically. This resulted in 4 triangles per square so a total of 16.

Triangles layered on cutting board

All 16 triangels

As I was laying out my pieces into 4 new squares with a triangle from each season in each I realised that sewing these pieces together would be a problem. I had used fusible fleece as my stabilizer last week for the appliqué stitching which stays in the square. This would make for very bulky seams along especially with 2 layers of appliqué in each section as well.

Squares made up of 4 different triangles each

4 different pieces in each square

My solution to the problem was to appliqué each triangle in place. Adding fusible web to the back of each triangle worked out well.

I also made the decision to leave a space of about a ¼″ between all of the triangles and have a background showing through. I auditioned several blues but they just didn’t have enough punch for me. Here is one of them.

Triangles on a blue background

One of the blue backgrounds I auditioned

Then I auditioned black which I really liked.

Black background with 4 coloured triangles

Triangles on a black background

I thought if the black looks good I wonder what white would look like. I liked it too.

White background with 4 coloured triangles

Triangles on a white background

I decided to go with both black and white plus borders. Each background square is 10″  finished.

Coloured triangles on black and white fabric

Triangles fused in place on black & white squares with borders

Next week will be the finale for this Stitch Along – I am looking forward to it to seeing it all come together and what everyone else is doing.

Happy Quilting!

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