Variety of textiles in red, green, orange and blue

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

I seem to be running behind these days for some strange reason. Maybe it is the excitement of going on vacation and everything that I think needs to be done before I leave. Isn’t it crazy how we run around doing all of these things before we leave which only results in starting the vacation totally exhausted. Silly, silly but we don’t learn. I should be like my cats and just sleep up until it is time to go.

A new month means a new challenge. The rules for week 1 can be found on Ruth’s blog – May Week 1 Rules. You can also check out what Ruth did for her week 1 challenge here at – Ruth’s Week 1 Challenge. Since Ruth has her’s done it helps me to see what I need to do.

Themed Fabric Selection

This week’s is really quite simple but the problem is what theme fabric should I choose. So many of them in my cupboards – florals, prints, geometrics and so many more. Below are a few photos of what I pulled out.

Theme #1 – triangles

Fabric with a triangle motif

Triangle fabric

Theme #2 – dots/circles

fabric with a dot motif

Dots and circles

Theme #3 – squares & rectangles

fabric with a rectangle and square motif

Rectangles & squares

Theme #4 – hearts

fabric with a heart motif


Theme #5 – flowers

fabric with a flower motif


Theme #6 – a garden

fabric with a garden motif


And the winner is:

heart fabric is the winner

Hearts is the winner

The complementary fabric choices.

Red, green or orange?

Red, green or orange fabric as the complimentary choice

The complimentary fabric choices

I decided I liked the green the best and pulled out some thread and yarns to go with it. I also want to add some buttons and beads to this pile of embellishments but will wait and see what comes in the weeks to come before I choose which ones.

The complementary colour is green

Green is the winner

Happy Quilting!

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