Palm tree on a beach

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Back again for another instalment of the March stitch along. If you missed last week you can find it here at March Week 1. I had fun picking fabrics and thread for the challenge last week.

This week’s rules can be found on Ruth’s blog – March Week 2 Rules. And don’t forget to check out the Gallery to see what everyone else is up with their challenge.

It’s not too late for you to join in the fun as well.

So this week the rules say that we are to pick a shape or object that depicts the theme of land, sea or sky. I’ve decided that my piece will be land and sky – I’m going with 2 themes just to be different.

I read the rules the other day when they were posted and as I was drifting off to sleep an idea popped into my head for the object. A palm tree. I’m sure I can find a picture of one somewhere seeing how we did live in the land of palms at one time.

Drawing of a palm tree on paper

The palm tree

I’ve traced out my palm tree onto a piece of paper with nice big pieces which will be easy and simple to convert to fabric.

First of all I placed my strips on top of some batting. I took a couple away as I had too many. The strips are only placed and not cut to size yet.  The piece right now is 11 x 14 inches.

Strips of fabric placed in order to create a landscape scene of beach and sky

Fabric strips create a landscape

I’ve picked a couple of batiks to create the palm tree with.

Green and brown batik fabric on top of landscape strips

Batiks for the tree

After tracing the palm tree onto fusible web I fused the pieces to the fabric and then cut them out and placed them onto the background.

A palm tree on the sandy beach

Palm tree on the beach

And that’s all we were asked to do this week. I suspect I will probably do some tweaking of my strips next week as I am not sure I am real happy with the placement of each but I’ll see.

Seeing this palm tree on the sand really makes me wish for warmer temps – spring is coming.

Happy Quilting!

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