Two trees and two snowflakes

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday on Wednesday.

Yep, I was busy again making my little project for QUILTsocial so didn’t get to my stitch along piece on time. That’s okay though, as long as I have it done before next Sunday rolls around all is good.

Last week we shared different Christmas designs with each other. Mine was a snowflake which is more winter than Christmas. So today I added in a tree as my second design. I know I was suppose to pick one from the gallery but I wanted a tree so I made a tree.

The rules for this week can be found on Ruth’s blog at Rules – July Week 3. And don’t forget to check out Ruth’s blog post and see what designs she has used.

Seeing how I had only picked three fabrics for this challenge I decided to use the darker fabrics to create the designs out of and they will show up very well on the third fabric which is a cream colour. I sandwiched the two fabrics with a piece of thin batting and added a few curved safety pins just to make sure everything stayed where it should.

A quilt sandwich with the 2 fabrics and batting

The three layers of fabric sandwiched together

Like Ruth, I also opted not to use the metallic threads I had originally picked to go with my fabrics. Instead I chose a plain cotton from Aurifil that matched both fabrics and I could use on the top and in the bobbin to stitch with.

Spool of thread on a piece of fabric

My new thread choice

A bit of free motion meandering or stippling and I had the two pieces of fabric quilted. The meandering was fairly close together but not quite as close as Ruth’s. I guess I wasn’t quite that patient today when I was stitching – could have been something to do with the fact it was lunch time and I was hungry.

The stippling is complete and the thread looks great on both fabrics

Stippling complete

I decided to trace around my two designs onto the lighter coloured fabric and then cut out on the lines. I used a Fusion pen to do the tracing with.

Tree and snowflake design traced on fabric with fusion pen

Designs traced on fabric

The designs – a snowflake and tree.

Two trees and two snowflakes

My 2 trees and 2 snowflakes

I wonder what we will do with them next week?

Happy Quilting!

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