Mirror image wreath

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

So apparently I don’t follow instructions very well. Last week I was suppose to fuse the blue circle to the blue square and I didn’t quite understand and I fused the circle to the wreath piece. Oh well, dare to be different. If you missed my post you can see it here: January Week 3.

This week I am to foundation piece the triangle pieces and the remaining halves together. You can find the complete instructions here on Ruth’s blog – January Week 4 rules along with the template to download for the foundation piecing.

Template for foundation piecing

The foundation template

Remember to check out the January Gallery.

Since I didn’t quite do what I was suppose to last week I have decided to deviate from the rules this week as well. I don’t want to sew up the pieces I have into something small so I will be making something a fair bit larger and much different with my triangles. I think putting them all together into a foundation piece will not do them any justice and really want to make a statement with them.

Deviation from week 4 rules

I laid the triangles out on the table alternating the warm and cool pieces to see what I could come up with.

Triangle pieces laid out and alternating brown and blue

Layout of triangle pieces

Placing them on a coloured background changes the look and I also added in the other half of the wreath piece. Kind of looks a bit like a shrine of some sort. Not really liking the background fabric – a bit too bold and over powering for the pieces.

Pieces arranged on a yellow/orange background

On a yellow/orange background

Try again with a green background. A bit better but too dark I think.

Triangle shapes arranged on a green background

Green background

Spreading out the triangles has created an in flight shape of a bird or butterfly.

Pieces arranged to look like a bird in flight

In flight arrangement

I am considering cutting up the other two large triangles but wanted to see what the piece would look like so I moved it into photoshop so I could mirror the image. This is the result. I love it. In a way my wreath is back.

A new version of the wreath

Mirror image wreath

Now the actual piece won’t be a perfect reflection if I do this layout as the other half of the square isn’t quite the same as the one already cut up. That’s okay as I am pretty sure it will work out just fine.

First job is to find a perfect background piece. Something everything will show up on and not be too dark for the dark brown fabric at the edges. I don’t mind this green but I still need to do some auditioning before I make my final decision.

So it looks like I have another UFO but this one I am going to finish this week as I don’t want it hanging around and I know all of you want to see how the piece turns out.

Happy Quilting!

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