Triangles of varying shapes and varying fabrics

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

The third week of January has arrived along with the third instalment of this month’s Stitch Along. January Week 2 I fused a whole bunch of little pieces to the background and then did some free motion zigzag overtop to keep them in place. It looked a lot like a wreath when I was done.

I don’t think it is going to look like a wreath when I finish up today.

This week’s rules can be found on Ruth’s blog – January Week 3 Rules. And don’t forget to check out the Stitch Along Gallery and see what everyone else is up to with their projects.

Adding the blue

The rules said to cut the small blue square into a shape of a circle so that it will cover the centre of the background piece. I cut mine free hand with the rotary cutter so it is no where perfectly round.

blue circle of fabric not quite round

Not so round circle

Once fused to the background I free motioned quilt all over the piece and outside the lines to cover the edges of the circle. I picked the thread back in Week 1 which is a variegated high sheen polyester. The stippling police would have a grand old time with me today as I crossed over the lines continually.

Blue fabric with blue stitching all over

Stippling all over blue centre

Cutting it up

Yep, you read right we are going to be cutting it up. I told you the wreath wasn’t going to stay a wreath.

The large blue square and the background piece have each been cut in half on the diagonal. I layered them to do that.

fabrics layered with ruler and rotary ready

Ready to cut

Background piece

With the background piece a line was drawn down the centre of the triangle from the corner. I used my white Chaco Liner from Clover to draw the lines.

Chalk line drawn from point to opposite edge

Line down the centre

Four more lines were drawn, 2 on either side of the middle line. One at the 4″ mark from the centre line and one at the 6″ mark.

5 chalk lines drawn at pre-set intervals

Five chalk lines in total

Then it was time to cut down the 4″ and 6″ markings to yield five pieces – all varying sizes of triangles.

Five triangles of varying shapes and sizes

Five triangles

Blue piece

Once again on the blue piece I made a line at the centre. This time I used the red chaco liner so it would show up. Two more lines were drawn at the half way point down the sides. All the lines met in the same spot.

3 red lines on blue triangle

Lines drawn on blue triangle

This time the cutting was done on all the drawn lines.

Large blue triangle cut into 4 triangles

4 blue triangles

Well, it looks like I am done what I have to do for this week. There is only one Sunday left in January so I wonder what it is going to end up looking like. I guess I’ll just have to be patient and wait until next week to find out.

Happy Quilting!

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