Variety of fabrics and thread

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

I’m so glad that Ruth has decided to continue on with the stitch along fun this year as I really enjoy making these little pieces and the best part is that they are finished at the end of the month – well most of the time. I do have a couple from last year that still remain unfinished but there is always hope that they will be finished this year.

This week’s rules are easy peasy as Ruth says and I do have to agree. I suspect it will take me longer to write this blog post than it did to get together the goods needed to start this little piece.

You can find the official rules here on Ruth’s blog – January Week 1.

Warm Coloured Fabrics

To start I dove into the scrap bin I keep by my work station and came out with these warm coloured fabrics. Then pieces were to be 1 – 4 inches in size – mine are a bit bigger but I’m sure it won’t matter. I can cut them down to size next week.

A variety of orange, yellow & green fabrics

Warm coloured fabrics

Cool Coloured Fabrics

I dove back into the scrap bin but couldn’t find a large enough piece of a cool fabric so opened the cupboard doors to the blue section of my stash and came out with these two fabrics. One was to be fairly light and the other just a bit darker. The lightest fabric is a 10 inch square and the other a 6 inch square.

Two blue fabric squares

Cool coloured fabrics

Dark Fabric

The dark fabric is to be dark dark so that the other fabrics stand out. I think I did a pretty good job with the dark fabric – not always easy to find in one’s stash as we tend to mostly have medium valued fabrics. It is cut at 12 inches square.

A square of dark fabric

Dark fabric square


To the warm coloured fabrics and the 6 inch square of the cool fabrics I added some Lite Steam-A-Seam 2. I also need fusible interfacing which I will have to dig out and have ready for next week.

Back of fabrics with a white paper and blue grid

Fusible fused to back of fabric


A thread to match the warm colours and I couldn’t decide so I have two.

Two spools of thread on the warm coloured fabrics

Two choices of warm coloured thread

As well as one to match the cool fabrics.

A blue spool of thread on blue fabrics

Blue thread for the cool coloured fabrics

The threads I chose are Rainbows from Superior Threads which are a high sheen polyester variegated thread.

Well, this week’s work is done and dusted so now I’ll just sit back, relax and wait for next week’s rules to be released. If only I could sit back and relax but there’s no relaxation for this quilter as I have to bring you the first of many mug rugs tomorrow in my 52 week mug rug challenge.

I best get to work!

Happy Quilting!

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