Couched lines on teal fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

This week I get to use those gorgeous yarns that I picked last week. Ruth described them as sea colours which I would have to agree that they are. Maybe I am wishing I was by the sea – it would definitely be more colourful than where I am now blanketed in white.

For this week’s complete set of rules see Ruth’s blog – February Week 2 Rules. Oh and don’t forget to check out the February Gallery.

After looking at the pieces in the gallery I decided that I should probably draw in a few more lines on my fabric. I’ll do that first.

Many green lines on the teal fabric

More lines added to the square

And for some strange reason I am thinking that I want my piece to be bigger but I’ll restrain myself and just stick to what I have and see how it comes out. If I really like it I can then try it on a larger scale.

Adding the Yarn

I love couching and I love how the yarn adds so much dimension and texture to a piece of fabric turning into a completely new piece of fabric. One that I designed and created.

I’ve layered the top on batting and backing so am now all set to play.

And I’ve used the thinnest yarn for the not so heavy lines. I like the bit of dazzle and sparkle that it has. For the zigzag stitch I used a 60 weight polyester thread that matched the yarn as I didn’t want it to show too much.

Misty coloured yarn couched to fabric

Thin yarn couched

I’ve decided to go with the thickest yarn for the heavy lines. In fact I hadn’t even picked this yarn last week and I chose to use it because I liked the shape of it and I knew it would stand out on the fabric and not get flattened by the zigzag stitch.

Burnt orange yarn couched to teal fabric

Thick yarn couched in place

I’ve noticed that I have a bit of pulling and probably should have played with my tension a bit but I didn’t so it is the way it is.

I suppose I could have used a few other yarns but decided with the piece only being 10 x 10 inches that I would keep it simple.

To make life easy when couching I use a couching foot and a large diameter drinking straw to guide the yarn through from behind my machine – it keeps everything aligned very nicely.

That’s it for today.

See you next week.

Happy Quilting!

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