Variety of yarns and a piece of teal fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

A new month means a new stitch along. I know I haven’t finished last month’s yet but I am working on it. Did you see the progress I had made with it yesterday for my UFO Spotlight?

Today’s Stitch Along rules can be found on Ruth’s blog – February Week 1 and they are pretty straight forward.

There are two images on Ruth’s blog that she has simplified and we are to pick one of them for this project. I chose the image with the vertical lines to use for my piece.

Fabric & Lines

I picked a hand dyed fabric in teal that has been in my cupboard for a coon’s age. I don’t know why I think I should save the hand dyed fabric for a special occasion but I do. As a friend recently told me she isn’t saving anything for a special occasion anymore but rather using it now and enjoying it now. I like her thinking.

I made the square 10 inches rather than the 8 Ruth suggested. I think I have something against working small.

teal fabric in a square

10 inch square

I drew out the main lines on the square of fabric with a Frixion pen. I only have a green pen and it shows up okay – not sure if you can see it in the photo very well though. It is there. I did a test to make sure that it disappeared off the fabric when heated and there was no trace left behind.

Green vertical lines drawn on fabric

Lines on fabric


I’ve picked out some yarns that match from my yarn stash and some that contrast all in different weights and textures.

Variety of yarns and a piece of teal fabric

Variety of yarns


The threads also blend in and contrast ranging from a 30 weight to 50 weight. I was looking for my pearl cottons that are an 8 weight but couldn’t find them – maybe I will by the time we need them. I know they are here somewhere.

Variety of thread on teal fabric

Variety of threads

This week is done. I’ll eagerly await next week’s rules so I can build on what I have put together today.

Happy Quilting!

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