A decorated tree

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday and Story Time Monday. As I promised yesterday.

Yesterday’s post I talked about my trip to Bradford Nursery and the great little pot belly Santa and snowman I bought on my excursion. They were to be the inspiration for my Stitch Along Sunday but I decided that idea was going to be a bit to involved so I went to plan B.

Plan B was still inspired by the trip to the nursery. I mentioned in my post yesterday that they had all kinds of designer decorated and themed trees. I decided to make my own designer tree.

The rules for this week challenge can be found on Ruth’s blog at December Challenge – Week 2 Rules. The template is there to download if you need a new copy.

I downloaded the template and then thought I needed my tree to be a bit bigger and added some branches and and trunk to it. The point of the card I used for the top of the tree.

Tree shaped template

Memory tab made into a tree

Once again I used fusible Timtex to create my piece. I traced the tree template on the Timtex and cut it out x 2.

I was going to use felt for the tree and then at the last minute before fusing the Timtex to the felt I changed my mind and opted for a green fabric with ribbon like texture. I think I made a good choice.

I fused the fabric for the trunk on first and then the tree fabric. Here it is before I cut out the the shape. Kind of a cool shape – I’ll have to keep it in mind for a future project.

Green fabric with a trunk

Funky shape before cutting

Since it was snowing that day off and on and I bought a snowman I decided to decorate my tree with snowflakes and snowmen. Then I added in some coloured hearts and snowflake like shaped buttons for a bit of pizzazz.

all sorts of buttons for the tree

All the bits I had to choose from

The piece was stitched with a satin stitch using a lighter coloured thread than the fabric to make the edge of the piece stand out. I will write about my little trip on the back.

A decorated tree

What did you create this week? Check out Ruth’s week 2 piece.

Happy Quilting!

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