Bright coloured fabrics, buttons and ribbons

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Wow, August is here which means the start of another mini art quilt challenge.

This month’s theme is the letter B which stands for birthday (Ruth’s b’day is this month btw), blue, baby, balloon, bright, button and so on. You guessed it we have to use things that start with the letter B or mostly the letter B. For the complete set of rules you can find them on Ruth’s blog – Challenge Rules August Week 1.

There are a few requirements for the challenge this month.

Feature Fabric

To start I picked my feature fabric which looks like many multiple coloured ribbons all swirled together. This fabric needs to be cut into 2 – 12 inch pieces.

White fabric with multiple coloured squiggles

Feature fabric


The buttons not so sure they have a birthday theme but I think they are rather cool.

Buttons with geckos on them in blue and green

Gecko buttons

Ribbon & Blue

I am not sure what colour of ribbon I will want so pulled out the whole bag of my skinny ribbons. Who knows I may change my mind all together and find something else in my big box of ribbons.

As well one of the fabrics I have picked is blue.

Multiple coloured ribbons on blue fabric

Something blue and ribbon

Bright Fabrics

All the fabrics I have picked to go with the feature fabric are bright but they also have a swirl on them of some sort or another.

A variety of bright fabrics

Brightly coloured fabrics

I have all my supplies gathered for this month’s Stitch Along Sunday challenge.  I guess I am just going to have to wait until next Sunday see what to do with them.

Happy Quilting!

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