Curves & triangles

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Yes, I know it is May and I am just finishing my April Stitch Along pieces. I was a bit busy over the past couple of weeks and haven’t been at the sewing machine much. I figured I had best finish the piece before I head off on vacation.

The rules did say that we were to make a front and back for our piece but I decided to make two pieces instead – at least that was the plan. I took my pieces to a show with me and unfortunately one of them did not return with me.

I suspect that it fell on the floor and I didn’t notice. Oh well, it wasn’t finished and only small so no big loss. I can make another one but not today as I need to pack – less than 48 hrs until departure time.

To recap on this piece check out my blog post for April Week 3.

There were a few layouts to choose from that I showcased at the end of the last post and I didn’t use any of them but rather made a new layout. Sorry to all of you who voted on their favourite.

That couching I thought about doing I did today seeing how I was so inspired from my weekend of couching with Carol Taylor. So much fun.

A few added couching lines to give the grey fabric a bit of pizzaz. The yarn was stitched down with a metallic thread from Medira which gives the couching just a tiny bit of shine. Hard to see in this photo though.

Couching lines added to the grey areas

Some couching lines added

Placement of the half square triangles and some free motion zigzag to stitch them down with and the piece is shaping up very nicely.

Stitching on squares complete

Piece ready to be trimmed and faced

The couching and orange stitching around the half square triangles has added lots of dimension and depth to the piece. The texture magic on the half square triangles adds even further dimension to the piece. Wow, I am really liking it.

A close up of the finished work

Close up of stitching and couching

I am still deciding whether or not to do some quilting in the green areas.

To finish it off I will add a facing so that the curves look like they run off the edge of the quilt rather than framing the piece with binding.

Another successful and fun Stitch Along Sunday challenge.

Are you going to join us for May’s challenge?

Happy Quilting!

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