Orange and teal triangles on a curved background

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

Still behind but slowly getting back on track and then in May I will be away for 2 Sundays so I’ll be totally off track again with my Stitch Along challenge next month too.

April Week 2 I used up 7 of my eleven words to make a 9 x 12 inch piece. I have 4 words left from my list to use for week 3.

The rules for week 2 & 3 can be found on Ruth’s blog – April Rules – Week 2 & 3.

One week we were to make the front of our challenge piece and the next week the back. I have decided to make 2 separate pieces. I know, I just had to be different.

The rest of the words are as follows. The whole list of words can be found on my blog post – Stitch Along Sunday – April Week 1. 

Curves, Grey & Lime

Curved piecing really isn’t as hard as it looks and is so much fun to do. I’ll do a blog post about it once CreativFestival is over.

Here is the end product and it is much larger than the 9 x 12 piece I was originally going to make. When I sewed them together the two sections were not large enough so I put them together and love the result.

Curved pieces sewn together

Lime and grey curved pieces sewn together

Half Square Triangles, Teal, Orange & Texture Magic

Next I made up some half square triangles, added some batting and texture magic to them with curved stitching on top. What dimension they have.

Now to figure out what configuration to place them in and whether to use some plain half square triangles as well. So many decisions.

Triangles in a row diagonally

Configuration #1

Triangles in the corner

Configuration #2

Triangles across the diagonal and clumped together

Configuration #3

Leave me a comment and let me know which is your favourite layout.


I was going to also use the word couching but figured I would think about how I wanted to add in the couching and what to couch with before I went ahead with it. I’ll add it in for week 4 if I think the piece needs it.

So a few more than the 4 words I had left but that’s okay. This challenge has been a lot of fun and I am really enjoying doing something different.

The rules should be out soon for week 4. Make sure to check out the April Gallery to see what everyone else has created.

Now back to the sewing machine as I still have one quilt that needs to be quilted for my booth – chop chop Jennifer!

Happy Quilting!

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