winter looking fabrics

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stitch Along Sunday.

As you have probably noticed there was no Stitch Along in October – Ruth decided not to do anymore this year and I was so busy in October I would not have got to it. I have decided to do my own for November. I’m a week late starting but that’s okay – better late than never they say.

To tell you the truth I actually missed doing one in October – it is the one project each month that I can do whatever I like and use all kinds of techniques.

I am going to create a winter scene for this month’s piece seeing as I sit at my desk writing this post the snow is falling from the sky to the ground creating a blanket of white.

The rules for this week are to pick some fabric in wintery colours – many people associate winter with greys or colours that have had a grey added to them which in the colour world they call this adding a tone. I have several wintery looking fabrics that I have been wanting to use for years but just never found the right project. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere then you may wish to do something summery instead.

Once those fabrics have been chosen then make a pieced background – use any method you like – strips – vertical or horizontal, a checkerboard, curved piecing, paper pieced and so on.

I have made 2 background pieces.

A dark piece done in strips which I am not sure if I will orientate vertically or horizontally. The printed fabric with white dots was cut in varying widths while the solid dark blue was cut in 1 inch strips to create ½″ strips when sewn together.

blue strips of fabric

Varying width of strips sewn to solid colour

Which orientation do you like best?

Vertical Stripes

blue stripes in a vertical orientation

Vertical stripes

Horizontal Stripes

blue stripes in a horizontal orientation

Horizontal stripes

Plus a light piece done in a checkerboard. The pieces were initially cut at 2 inches to give 1 ½″ squares in the checkerboard. I haven’t decided if this piece will sit at the bottom of the dark piece or the two pieces will intermingle with each other.

Light blue, white and grey checkerboard


I have also decided to make my piece larger than what I have been doing throughout the year. The dark piece is 19 x 22 inches and the light piece is 8 x 21 inches.

I had a hard time deciding whether to go with straight edges or curved piecing. Now that I have this made I am thinking I should do one in curved piecing as well to see how different they would look. I’ll see how my spare time goes this week – LOL.

I would love to have you join me in this little challenge and if you do then please e-mail ( me a picture and I will feature it in a gallery for this Stitch Along project.

See you next week.

Happy Quilting!

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