red flower

Hey everyone welcome back to St Martins, NB. Sadly, our time here has come to an end. It has been a wonderful week of meeting people, making friends and creating images. André Gallant and Freeman Patterson have been incredible with the amount of information and knowledge they have so generously shared with all of us. They have helped us to learn new things as well as improve and expand on what we already know.

We submitted our 10 most favourite images at the last presentation of the week. André set them all to music as well as had a picture of each participant at the start of their segment of the show. Unknown to most of us he was secretly taking photos all week of each student.

Some of my favourites I have already shown earlier in the week as they were taken. These favourites include the Bicycle Tire on day 1 which was shot around the St Martins Inn.The Monet Garden on day 2 which was shot at the park near the docks. A shot of the Barnacles on day 3 at West Quaco beach. A bunch of Rolled Up Fencing on day 4 at Shamper’s Bluff. And finally, Leaves on day 5 for the assignment ‘I Could Quilt That’.

These next images are all new except for the last one which was my favourite of the whole week so I had to share it again.

Side of a Boat

paint on the side of a boat

Flower from Freeman’s Garden

pink bell like flowers

Angled Steps

steps and rocks

Blue Bottles

blue glass

Daisy in a Bottle – My Absolute Favourite

bottles on a windowsill with a flower

My other favourites you saw during the week. I have had so much fun this week that I am going to try and do a shoot at least once a week and share a few each week with all of you. This should help with the composition of my quilts as well as maintain and continue to develop my skills. I’ll be posting these on Snapshot Saturday.

As a bonus we all had so much fun with the assignment that we have taken up another assignment each to present to each other Nov 1. My topic is “Red”. I have ideas already and must shoot a few of them before I leave the Inn in the morning before hitting the road back home. Some of the other topics are pretty wacky such as curtains, plaid, wallpaper and shingles to name a few. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

Yesterday Michael & I went back to Freeman’s garden for a few more shots and moments of peace and tranquility – it truly is a magical place.

Happy Quilting