bottles on a windowsill with a flower

Hey everyone welcome back to day 4 of the photography course I am attending in St Martins, New Brunswick. What a great week it has been so far and today was no exception.

We were up bright and early for breakfast at 0600 and then off to Shamper’s Bluff where Freeman Patterson lives. He has a wonderful home, barn and cottage on 200 acres of land. This land has been transformed into a magical place – gardens, woods, bogs and so much more. I don’t think I saw a 10th of it today.

I kept my photos clean and simple today. Or at least I tried to – I did some manipulating in Photoshop to create montages with two of them. I tried to do another Monet but it just didn’t come out quite right. If you missed my first Monet check it out on Day 2 at St Martins.

Today there was no evaluation of our photos just a show and tell. The image at the top of the page is a montage and is also my favourite of the day. It is two images – the first being the bottles on the windowsill and the garden in the background. Behind it I added a wooden door that came out green from the trees in the background of the first image. I just love the effect the two images have together.

These next 3 are studies of line and shape.

A bunch of posts and rolled up fencing along the shed wall.

fencing against a shed wall

A wall and stairs in the cottage.

wall and stairs

The barn door with a yellow daisy.

Barn door and yellow flower

This last one is a composite using a bright clear crisp image of the flower and a blurred image of the flower.

Single brown eyed susan

Tomorrow we have an assignment – each of us has been given a thoughtfully hand picked topic by Freeman and André Gallant. Mine is: “I could make a quilt from this.”  I am definitely looking forward to creating the images and hopefully finding inspiration for some future quilts.

Another day I’ll show you some more of the flowers I shot. Unfortunately most of the flowers were nearing the end but I was lucky and a few were still great. This just means I am going to have to come back again for a whole summer. If I do this then I will be able to see how the gardens transform themselves from start to finish. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if I could?

Happy Quilting