Many teal coloured squares and rectangles together

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Today I am giving you a sneak peak of my new pattern called Square Dance which I designed for a new fabric from Northcott called Artisan Spirit Good Vibrations – Mysteria.

The pattern comes with two different sizes which are both square but could easily be adapted to a rectangular quilt. The pattern uses 8 fabrics of varying degrees of value from light to dark with each fabric. The Mysteria fabrics are also very textured making for interesting effects.

I had to do a test piece and what better way than to use fabrics from the stash and blast that stash. I just wish I could blast it a little faster. I used a set of teal fabrics that I have had in my stash forever – many of them Jinny Beyer fabrics. I have always liked these fabrics but have just never found quite the right project for them until now. And as I was cutting I thought of another project they could be used in since there will be some leftover.

This pattern is made up of one block with very few matching seams which is a great bonus. As well there is a lot of strip piecing to speed up the construction process and along with some chain sewing the block is made in no time.

The block looks a bit complex but really isn’t as it is made up of only squares and rectangles. I have divided the block into 5 sections to make construction simpler.

The 5 sections look like this.

Section 1

4 teal coloured fabrics sewn together

Section 2

rectangle of fabric pieces sewn together

Section 3

light, medium and dark teal fabrics

Section 4

small squares and medium squares and rectangles

Section 5

teal rectangles

Breaking down the block like this makes for easy construction for anyone from a beginner to advanced quilter.

The Block

Sections sewn together to create block

The design looks great with or without a border giving it either a modern or traditional look. The image at the top of the page shows 4 of the blocks sewn together.

I have been wondering what it would look like in a set of jewel colours with a white or black background. Hmmmmmm, might have to try it.

The pattern will be going to the printers by the end of the week and it will be available on the website for purchase by the end of next week.

And now I have another UFO but it will be done shortly as I want to hang it at my CreativFest booth in October.

Happy Quilting