Spring Flowers

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

Today I am getting my inspiration from the colour purple. I really haven’t done much with purple for a while so thought it was time I designed something in purple. Off I went to my cupboard with purple fabric and thought oh boy I really do not have a very big purple stash compared to my blue stash. The blue stash is quite large and the purple only mediocre in size.

My goal was to put together a run of fabrics from light to dark. After spending the last two days at Creativfest and talking all about design, colour runs, specialty rulers and Bargello I had a fair bit of time to think on the drive home. I need to create some more sample flowers with the Bargello technique and seeing how spring really has sprung the last few days a few more flowers are definitely in order.

There are even tiny little yellow flowers in my yard and tiny little white ones on the hill across the street. I went to photograph the yellow ones but seeing how the sun had dipped behind the hill they had already closed up and gone to sleep for the day. Michael was out earlier today walking with his camera and took one of the little white flowers. They are so dainty and pretty. I love the yellow-green centres. I have no idea what they are called but they would certainly make a pretty bargello flower.

Deciding which flower to do next was not difficult at all. Being almost May the tulip was the obvious choice. I would love to go to Holland and see the rows and rows of tulips displayed there – someday but for now pictures will have to do. The display in Ottawa is suppose to be quite impressive as well and I must say much closer than Holland – just a few hours drive rather than a few hours flight.

I have decided that my tulip will be purple – I know not a conventional tulip colour but I like and seeing how today’s colour is purple well the tulip will be purple. I am going to need a trip to the quilt shop though as I am not 100% happy with this purple run. There is always one just right fabric missing in the stash!

A run of purple fabrics from light to dark

A run of purple fabrics from light to dark

What is your favourite colour of tulips?

Happy Quilting!

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