Blue & silver snowflake

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

Back in November I received the November newsletter from Brandy Lynn Designs who is the host of Canadian Quilt Talk and she was promoting a postcard exchange. I looked at it and thought okay I’ll do that and then gave my head a shake and thought you do not need another project to do so put it out of my mind.

Then Kathy K. Wylie’s newsletter arrived in my inbox and she had a link to the postcard exchange as well and thought okay I will make a couple for the exchange.

The theme was snowflakes so that made it nice and simple since I already had a favourite snowflake motif to use.

The image at the top of the page is the first card I did and here is the second. In fact for this one I was able to use up some left over snowflakes from another project I am working on that isn’t quite finished yet. Maybe in time for next Christmas.

three cream snowflakes on teal background

Trio of snowflakes

My two exchange postcards arrived yesterday in the post. So exciting to get something other than bills in the mailbox these days as it seems no one sends snail mail anymore.

This one is from Val in Nanaimo. BC. She used a maple leaf to create her snowflake design – how clever.

Grey and black snowflake card

Card from Nanaimo

And this one is from Dawn in Dauphin, MB.

blue card with white text

Card from Dauphin

It was a fun little exchange and doesn’t really take that long to make a single postcard. I think I will make one for my mom to arrive in time for Christmas.

I am so glad I did the exchange and am looking forward to next year’s exchange. A great way to be creative in a short period of time.

To see all of the postcards from the exchange check  Brandy Lynn’s Pinterest page on December 25th where they will be posted for all to see.

Happy Quilting!

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