Shuffled Bricks Quilt

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

I pulled out a box of fat quarters from my drawer that I had bought on a trip to Asilomar 3 years ago. I don’t think I had any idea what to create with them when I bought them just that I loved the colours – orange, pink and cream. The fabric is a Joel Dewberry design called Notting Hill from Free Spirit.

Last fall I bought a cream coloured fabric to go with them as I had a project in mind. I figured I would make another Shuffled Bricks quilt in a lighter and brighter colour palette than the first one I created.

12 different fabrics rolled and placed in a box

The box of fat quarters

The first one I used a set of geometric fabrics from Moda and the coordinating blue as the background fabric. These fabrics were all quite dark with very little difference in value. I think that the fabrics have a very South Western feel to them.

Here’s the original Shuffled Bricks quilt. It is 54 ½″ x 54 ½″ square in size. I designed this pattern to have a modern look with no borders. The design suits a set of coordinating fabrics or a scrappy look using many different fabric for the blocks. Perfect for blasting the scrap stash.

a variety of fabrics and colours making up a Shuffled Bricks quilt

Original Shuffled Bricks Quilt

This version I am working on now will be a crib size or a wee bit bigger, 36 ½″ x 45 ½″.

I set to work cutting the pieces to make 20 – 9 ½″ blocks.

Fabric cut and ready to sew

Pieces cut

I had 12 fat quarters in the box and used only 8 of them as some were quite large prints and I didn’t think they would look that great cut up into small pieces. One of the prints that had gorgeous poppies I just couldn’t cut – it was to0 pretty and I wish I had more.

Pink and orange poppies

I couldn’t cut this one

After sewing the background pieces to the feature fabrics I paired up the fabrics to make the blocks. Chain sewing and cutting the chain apart with the Gizmo made the piecing process move along at a nice steady pace.

Two rows of orange, pink and cream pieces

Pairing up the pieces for the blocks

With the blocks made I placed them on the design wall to see what they looked like. And I am in love – what a difference the fabrics make to this quilt design. Happy with the placement, I sewed the rows together to create the top.

Shuffled Bricks Quilt

Shuffled Bricks – new colour way

I ended up pressing the seams in rows 1, 3 & 5 towards the feature fabrics and in rows 2 & 4 towards the light background fabric in order to be able to nest the seams together when I sewed the rows together. The seams don’t appear to show too much and with a natural coloured batting it shouldn’t be a problem.

This is a fast and easy block to create and the quilt top can easily be made in a day.

The shuffled brick quilt pattern is perfect for a snowy day in the winter or a rainy day at the cottage in the summer.

I still have fabric left from the fat quarters – enough to make another quilt top and 4 more full fat quarters left over. Mmmmmmm, maybe some pillows would look good with it.

All I have left to do is sandwich, quilt and bind it then it will be ready to hang in my booth at CreativeFest the end of April. Which I hate to say, but it is fast approaching.

Happy Quilting!

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