Shattered Glass

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

Seeing how Easter is almost upon us I thought I would share this Easter coloured quilt today. All my life I have associated the pastel colours of yellow, blue, pink and green with Easter. While these are not the colours I normally choose to work with I  love the effect that they have in this quilt.

A few years ago when I was still living in Yellowknife, our quilt guild invited Judy Niemeyer to come up and teach. If you do not know of her, well, she is a paper piecing guru with awesome designs. All of her quilts are made out of batiks and I must say when it came time to pick a pattern making a decision was very difficult.

Check out her designs here on her website Quiltworx.

I chose Shattered Glass as it was a small, wall-hanging size project and I wanted to be able to complete it in 3 days which I am happy to say I did – probably the only project I have ever completed in class minus the quilting. Judy’s method of paper piecing is effortless which makes it so enjoyable and addictive.

This piece looks a lot like a stained glass window with the dark blue being the window mullions. To make this piece work different values of colour where chosen and arranged to make the design pop. The light blue beside the dark blue spikes recedes into the background and makes everything else pop out to the front.

I’ll be talking more about value this week for Colourful Friday so be sure to check back!

I suppose since Easter is just days away I should pull out this quilt and hang it up to add a bit of Easter colour to the house.

Happy Quilting!

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