Shamrock Flag - Mug Rug #10

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Mug Rug Monday.

I’m a little late with today’s mug rug – usually I have it ready on Sunday so it is in your inbox bright and early Monday morning but not so for this week’s mug rug. Anyway it is still Monday and so technically I am still on time. In fact I will have 13 hours in which to get it done.

The other day at the grocery store I found this set of three shamrock cookie cutters and of course they went in the shopping cart with a mug rug or two in mind.

Three sizes of green shamrock cookie cutters

Shamrock cookie cutters

Today I traced out the largest one on a piece of paper then enlarged it 180% and put it on fusible web.

Shamrock drawn on fusible web and placed on wrong side of fabric

Shamrock shape on fusible web

I’ve had this green fabric for a while now and have never used it. Perfect for this mug rug. A simple design this week with appliqué, a square of cream and two strips of green. Kind of looks like a flag – maybe it could be adopted world wide to represent St Paddy’s Day. Dream on Jennifer.

mug rug looks like a flag

The flag

I stitched around the shamrock with blanket stitch in a green thread that was slightly lighter than the fabric.

Stitching around shamrock done with blanket stitch in green

Blanket stitch n green

Originally I echo quilted around the shamrock but didn’t like it at all and ripped out the stitching. A lot of steam with the iron took care of the needles holes from that stitching.

Straight stitched lines a ½″ apart does the trick for the quilting. The mug rug is 7 ¾″ x 11 ½″. Perfect for the cup of coffee and plate of shamrock sugar cookies.

Straight line quilting in green

Quilting done

Bound in the green it is ready for St Paddy’s Day.

Shamrock Flag - Mug Rug #10

Completed mug rug

Happy Quilting!

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