Fishing shacks on the beach

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

Here we are at the beach in Newfoundland. The west coast of Newfoundland to be exact by Stephenville Crossing. Such a gorgeous area of this province which is flanked by the ocean on one side with the mountains in the distance and the rivers, streams, marshes and wildflowers in-between.

The scene in the photo above is of three fishing shacks along the beach front. This is the exact spot at which my nephew and his fiancé had their wedding ceremony yesterday. We all gathered in the wind to celebrate with the happy couple.

This exact spot is also where Kimm’s parents Kathy and Reg were wed 20 years ago on the 24th of this month. Just walk between the yellow and brown shacks and there it is the spot that two couples shared their vows of love for each other.

This scene is absolutely beautiful and certainly inspires an art quilt – maybe one day for their 10th wedding anniversary.

I had better start on it now as my nephew pointed out to me that he still doesn’t have the tree skirt I promised him a year and half ago.  Oops!

Happy Quilting