Sewing Up The Scrap Crazy Pieces Into Blocks

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Stash Blasting Wednesday.

Yesterday I used the Scrap Crazy Templates to cut up some strips of fabric into pieces using those 4 templates.

Today I am going to cut a few more pieces and then sew them all up and create a masterpiece. Well, I’m not sure it will be a masterpiece but it will be a fun little quilt.

The pieces go together very fast once they are cut.

Sewing the Pieces Together

With the tips of the corners cut off blunt the corners match up perfectly making it so easy to sew together. No having to make sure that the tips are hanging over a quarter inch on the piece underneath – very nice feature of these templates.

Yellow triangles on top of pink fabric

A & B pieces aligned and ready to be sewn

Sew piece A & B together.

pink and yellow fabric sewn to each other

A & B sewn together

Sew piece C & D together.

Orange and square print fabric sewn to each other

C & D sewn together

Sew the two units together and you’ve got your block. Easy as 1 – 2 – 3. The block measures 6 ½″ square.

a variety of fabrics in a variety of shapes sewn together to make a block

Block complete

Now to make a few more so that I can design something.

Designing With the Blocks

Well, the designs did not come together as I had envisioned. I had envisioned this wonderful little girl’s quilt with some appliquéd flowers on it but it just isn’t working for me – the pieces are not fitting together the way I think they should and want them to.

Here are the block designs that I did come up with.

A Star

An orange star in the middle surrounded by a scrappy outside

Orange star in the middle

A Diamond

Multi - coloured diamond block

Diamond block

An Hour Glass

blocks made to look like an hour glass in the middle

Hour glass block


I really wish I could do scrappy but the reality is that I just can’t when it comes to a quilt design that has some definition to the block design. Which means I guess that I am not so good with the crazy quilts either – maybe that’s why I have only ever made one in my quilting career.

totally random placement of fabrics and blocks

MishMash block

If I had used the same fabric in each position in each block I might have done a little bit better with the designing because there would have been some symmetry to the blocks and fabrics.

So I am thinking that I might just actually do the MishMash design and then cut it up further into something else and add in some other fabrics to make an abstract art quilt of some sort. Work outside of the box and out of my comfort zone – oh boy, this could end up being very interesting.

And the diamond block isn’t bad it just has a lot of seams to match. Decisions, decisions!

At this point I believe another UFO has been born – I think I’ll soon be back up to the 70 I had at the beginning of last year at the rate I am collecting and creating them this year.

If anyone has any ideas please do share.

Happy Quilting!

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