Up and Down Quilt top complete

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

The other day I said to Michael I have been spending far too much time in front of this computer and not enough time in front of my sewing machine. Unfortunately, being a quilt designer doesn’t mean I get to spend all of my time sitting at the sewing machine. In fact I spend a lot more time in front of the computer designing on EQ, writing the patterns I create, creating graphics for the patterns (the most time consuming part of pattern writing) and of course writing my blog posts.

For Stash Blasting Wednesday I highlighted the Up and Down block and used the fabric line Simple Marks from Moda which by the way I just love. It was late when I finally got the block done and the blog post posted but I made the midnight deadline for the blog challenge – haven’t missed a day yet and we are now almost 6 ½″ months into the challenge. Five months and 17 days to go but who is counting.

Thursday morning I got up and decided that a sewing therapy day was in order or at least for part of the day. I set to work cutting up enough of the fabric to create 36 of the Up and Down block. Once everything was cut out I had to decided on a pattern for the quilt with the different fabrics – that turned out to be a pretty easy task. Down I sat at the sewing machine and just kept on sewing.

I managed to get 3 rows of blocks together the other day and today I finished putting the top together as well working on my piece for the magazine A Needle Pulling Thread. Today was certainly a good sewing therapy day and probably cheaper than retail therapy would have been especially in a quilt shop.

The quilt top is 55 ½″ square – not quite big enough for the queen size duvet cover I thought I would use it as – guess I’ll be doing some retail therapy after all as I need more blue and a backing.

I hope Thimbles & Things in Orillia still has some of it left – could be iffy since I bought it way back in January. I did just check out the Moda site and there is a new summer version with great colours – wonder where I can get some of it from.

Happy Quilting!

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