Multiple shapes in multiple colours of fabric

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

Last week I demonstrated how to cut the 3 different shapes with the Sidekick ruler from Jaybird Quilts. I used 2 ½″ strips that I already had cut from a previous project. A great way to blast that stash and get rid of strips.

The shapes can be cut in 4 different sizes from 1″ to 4″ finished. All the shapes can be cut from the same strip and there is very little waste from each strip. That’s a bonus.

Today I am going to sew some of these pieces together and see what I come up with.

Half Triangles

The half triangles are cut as left and right. To sew two together you need a left and a right. Place them side by side with the straight edges matching.

Mirror image half triangles in teal and orange

Left and right half triangles

Place one on top of the other making sure to match up the flat top edge. Sew down the straight side.

Seam line down straight edge of half triangles

Sew together on straight edge

Press the seam. I used my Finger Pressing Tool from Clover to do the pressing today since the pieces were small and most of the edges are cut on the bias. Heat can cause this bias edge to distort or stretch out of shape as can excessive handling.

An orange and teal triangle

2 halves make a whole

Two of these half triangles create a two coloured triangle.


Place the triangles on top of each other so that they match up perfectly. Sew along the bottom straight edge.

Green triangle with seam line at the bottom

Triangles right sides together

Press the seam. The triangles will be stacked on top of each other.

Purple triangle on top of a green triangle

Two triangles together


The diamonds go together best if the two pointed ends are cut off blunt. To do this lay the ruler on the diamond as shown below. The 2 ½″ line is in the middle of the diamond.

Points of diamond sticking out from under the ruler on each side

Ruler aligned on diamond to trim points off

Trim off the two ends to create a flat ended diamond.

Diamond with blunt ends

Ends trimmed off of diamond

Place the diamonds together with the bottom one lying horizontally and the top vertically with the flat end matching the side of the diamond. With the flat ends you can line up the diamonds perfectly.

green and purple diamonds right sides together

Place diamonds right sides together

Sew together. Press the seam. The diamonds are sewn into a straight row creating a parallelogram shape.

green and purple diamonds sewn together

Diamonds sewn together

Triangles to Diamonds

To sew a triangle to a diamond line up the blunt end of the triangle with one edge of the diamond.

blue triangle sewn to yellow diamond

Triangle sewn to diamond

Press the seam.

Blue triangle sewn to a yellow diamond

Triangle and diamond sewn together


Sew a second diamond to the other side of the unit made above to create a larger triangle. Align the second triangle so it’s blunt end is away from the other triangle on the edge of the diamond. The triangles can be of the same or different colours.

Red & blue triangles sewn to a yellow diamond

Red triangle added

Just a few ways to sew these shapes together. By sewing the shapes together other shapes are created which can then be sewn together to create more shapes or blocks. Join me tomorrow to see what these other shapes are.

Happy Quilting!

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