Stained glass like strips set on dark background

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Free Form/Motion Friday.

The other day I finished up with the scrap crazy blocks looking like this. Still looking a lot like quilt blocks even with the contrasting strips shaped like X’s in them.

Contrast strips added to blocks

Four blocks

I did like what I had but still wasn’t keen on having actual quilt blocks and since it is free form Friday I continued on with the experiment.

I sewed the 4 blocks into a row.

4 scrap crazy blocks with an X blocks in a row

Sewn into a row

Then I cut that row up into 3 strips. All different widths.

3 strips of multi-coloured fabrics in differing widths

Cut into 3 strips

Now what do I do with them now that they are cut up?

I laid them out on the blue fabric with about an inch in-between each strip and thought that looks okay.

Orange/yellow/pink strips with blue strips between

Auditioning strips on blue fabric

Sewn together this is what I have.

Blue strips sewn between orange/yellow/pink strips

Contrast strips between

My feeling was they looked a bit squished and not quite right so I added a strip of blue to each side. Now the scrap crazy strips look like they are floating within the blue contrasting fabric.

Stained glass like strips set on dark background

Floating in blue

They almost look like a stained glass window.

I’ve used up 4 blocks and half a fat quarter to get to this point with the experiment. Twenty-eight blocks and at least 1.5 metres of blue fabric left – hmmmmmmmmm – room for a lot more experimenting.

Happy Quilting!

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