Scrap Crazy 6″ Template Set

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Many of my LQS run a stuff-your-stocking event during the month of December. It is a great way to fill your own stocking and get some new quilting tools, books or fabric. I purchased a couple of items this past December and one of them I am going to share with you today.

I am not big on making scrappy quilts and, in fact, have a hard time making one if it doesn’t coordinate somewhat – I guess you could say I am more into controlled scrappy than true scrappy.

I saw the e-mail come through for the Scrap Crazy Templates from Creative Grids and thought those look kind of neat and maybe they would help me to use up all of my scraps – I have several bins of scraps in the back room out of sight.

I really do need to organize these scraps, iron them and place them into colour groups – any volunteers?

This group of 4 scrap crazy templates combine together to make a 6 inch finished square when they are sewn together. Or create a different configuration using 1, 2, 3 or all 4 templates.

Scrap Crazy 6″ Template Set

The set of 4 Scrap Crazy templates

As is true about all Creative Grid rulers these templates come with a non-slip grid on the back.

Each template is labelled with a letter and a diagram of where it should be placed for the 6 inch square.

Triangle template with graphic instructions printed on template

The ‘A’ template

Multiple layers of fabrics can be cut when using the templates which makes the cutting process go so much faster. Just make sure everything is even and square under the top layer before cutting.

As well, I ordered the book Scrap Crazy 6″ by Karen Montgomery who designed these templates. It has lots of ideas and projects for creating quilts with these 4 templates.

Book called Scrap Crazy 6″

Scrap Crazy book

I am looking forward to playing with the Scrap Crazy templates and discovering what designs I can come up.

As always, the only source of funding keeping Quilts by Jen running comes from sales of my patterns and from when you purchase the products using the links here to Amazon. It doesn’t cost you any more to use these links, Amazon sends us a tiny little portion of the each sale.

Happy Quilting!

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