Saskatchewan highway

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk/Snapshot Saturday.

It has been a week since I wrote a blog post and I apologize. Life here in Saskatchewan has been kind of busy getting my mom ready to move to a personnel care community.

It has been a while since we moved and I forgot just how many places one needs to change their address with. If I wasn’t standing in line this week I was certainly on hold listening to elevator music after listening to the menus and pressing the appropriate numbers to get to the department and person who could help me.

The joys of moving! One good thing though is that I am in my home province which is Saskatchewan. This is the province of wide open spaces, huge skies, wheat fields and being able to see for miles and miles and miles. The saying on their license plates is “Land of the Living Skies”.

The other day I picked Michael up from the airport and as we were driving down the highway towards home he stated that he had forgotten just how flat it is here. I guess for me it is never a surprise since I grew up looking at this landscape but for Michael who grew up in Ontario it is vastly different.

Michael snapped a couple of shots from the car window. Not bad for an iPhone in a moving vehicle. The top image is of us driving down the very straight highway. A road cannot get much straighter than this. The clouds in the sky were awesome. I have to say the skies have been fantastic since being back with multiple storms creating some amazing clouds and colour.

This photo that I will end with is of a Saskatchewan icon – the grain elevator. There are very few of the original wooden elevators left – the ones that every town along the railroad had. Nowadays they have been replaced with big huge terminals made of concrete – I guess a new sort of icon but just not quite the same.

Saskatchewan grain elevator

Grain Elevator

Maybe I’ll get out in the next week and take a few more photos of my own of this great province where I grew up. There really is some great inspiration here for some amazing quilts.

Happy Quilting