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Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

Almost the end of August and Christmas is just around the corner. Now is the time to start thinking about having a sac made or making a sac for your special loved ones. Why stop at one might as well make a few. That’s how I do it – in fact one year I made 36 of them and last year 28. By the time I am done I usually never want to see another one.

How did these sacs come about?

When I was living in the Australian Outback I had a friend ask me to make a couple of gift bags for her two grandsons. I happily did and I am sure they still use them until this day.

I also set up a booth at the Roxby Downs market which occurred each month and always the first Saturday after payday. Having made these bags for my friend I thought why not make some for the market and see how I go with orders. They were a hit especially since in Australia they use sacs at the end of the bed instead of stockings by the tree or hanging from the mantle. We never had a mantle so I always hung mine off a knob on the china cabinet.

Over the years I have just kept on making them and created patterns for each of my designs. I try and add a couple of new designs each year so there is more variety. Each pattern includes two designs with full templates and letters for personalizing the sac. The bag is easy and simple to make with graphics and blog posts to refer to. Some of the blog posts include how to make a box bottom, how to make drawstrings and how to use fusible web.

What designs are there?

Snow People

santa sac with snowboy design

Snowboy design

Buy and download the Snowboy/Snowgirl pattern here Buy and download the Snowman/Snowlady pattern here


santa sac with Santa Claus design

Santa Claus design


santa sac with Rudolph design

Rudolph design


santa sac with star design

Star design

Check out my pattern page to see all the designs.

The sacs are approximately 20 x 30 inches and will hold a lot of loot. The great thing about these sacs is that they are totally environmentally friendly as they are reusable from year to year. They are also each unique as I try to create each one with different fabrics and colours.

And there are stockings too! But you will have to wait and read about them next week.

Happy Quilting!

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