Block of the Month Garden Stones Quilt Pattern

Block of the Month Garden Stones Quilt Pattern

Hi Everyone,

Garden Stones quilt pattern feature is for one of my patterns created this summer for a Block-Of-The-Month club at Country Concessions.  Posting about it almost slipped through the cracks but we remembered last week that we hadn’t posted this one.

Last spring Country Concessions asked me if I would create a block-of-the-month quilt for them to run September 2012 to August 2013.  Seemed like a bit of fun for me and slightly different challenge, so naturally I said “Sure” and got to work.

My goal with this quilt was to create a series of 12 unique blocks similar enough in design to go together in a single quilt yet different enough to be interesting as a block-of-the-month pattern.

About half way through my design I realised that the blocks looked better in a tri-tone than as duo-tones, so I had to redo a number of the blocks.  I think that was a really good decision as the use of three instead of two tones really made each block really stand out.

The Block-of-the-Month club at Country Concessions is a really cool concept as it’s $10 Quilt program.  Basically, this means that you invest $10 up front and you receive your first month’s fabric and pattern.  If you come back the next month with your block complete, you receive the next month’s fabric and pattern, and so on.  By staying on top of things, you can assemble all 12 key blocks for just your original $10 investment.  Of course, if you miss a month, you do have to invest an additional $10 to get caught back up.

You might be wondering… Well, it’s October now, can I still join the block of the month?  Yes!  You sure can.  Since you have missed the first month, you do have to invest $10 for each month missed so your joining fee would be $20 if you start in October, $30 if you start in November and so on.

A pretty good deal if you ask me.  Country Concessions will also have finishing kits available for you to put it all together at the end.

The quilting for this project was completed by the very talented Nuala at Newla’s Needle.

Give Shannon or Cynthia a call at Country Concessions to join this $10 Quilt Block of the Month Club.