My Favourite Rotary Cutter

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

Another busy day getting my Spring Fling quilt together so that I can do the final instalment for Stash Blasting Wednesday next week. In doing this task I have used my most favourite rotary cutter pretty much all day.

I like the deluxe Olfa rotary cutters with the ergonomic handle. I find this handle very comfortable and it is much more substantial which gives me better control of the cutter. This means less wasted fabric as I no longer veer off course along the ruler when I am cutting strips. With the original straight handled cutter I veer off to the right all the time.

They come in several different sizes and I own the ones with a 45 mm blade and a 28 mm blade. My favourite is the 28 mm blade as the cutter is smaller and fits nicer in my small hand. It tends to be hard to come by and most shops don’t carry it. In fact, even Amazon doesn’t carry it and they carry everything! If I am going through a lot of layers or cutting something thicker like jeans then I will pull out the 45 mm and use it.

Another great feature is that the blade always slips back into the cutter so there is no sharp blade protruding to cut my hand on as I do tend to lose it amongst the fabric and often grab the wrong end as I slide my hand under the fabric to retrieve it. It can be locked open and closed.

Which is your favourite rotary cutter?

Happy Quilting!

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