Jumbo Christmas Stocking with a cat

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Sunday.

Well, this isn’t really an Inspirational Sunday post nor a Stitch Along Sunday post more like a Story Time Monday. I decided to do this little post now as you see there is an ice storm coming and already many people in Southern Ontario are without power. I hope we do not lose power as that means no sewing for me today. Definitely a possibility though.

I’ll try and get my Stitch Along Sunday piece done but no guarantees for today – all depends on mother nature as the ice pellets are now falling rapidly from the sky. A good day to stay put.

If we lose power then I guess I can either read or knit. As you know from yesterdays post Knit One, Purl One I am making myself a scarf. I am happy to report it is now about 3 times the size it was yesterday in the post. Woohoo!!

I had a lot of fun making this jumbo stocking for a little guy by the name of Rogan who lives in Newfoundland. Very Christmasy with the red, green and gold colour combo. His mommy ordered his for him and won’t he be happy little guy come Christmas morn.

A jumbo stocking with a reindeer

Rogan’s stocking

The other one I gave as a shower gift to Michael’s cousin for their first child born last January. I don’t think she was expecting something sooooooo big. I guess I didn’t mention it would be jumbo. Oh well as Michael said they can just buy Brennan a new pillow every year to fill it up. I love the red and white colour combo of this one.

A jumbo stocking with a tree and snowman

Brennan’s stocking

A couple of years ago I made one with a cat (pictured at top of page) on it for my great niece Abbygale. Aren’t the fabrics so much fun? She loves cats. My sister and niece were quite shocked with the size of it when they pulled it out of the box. Oh well it isn’t me who has to fill it and I am sure they will do a great job. I have the utmost faith in them.

Just how big are they? From toe to heel they are 2 ft and from heel to the top they are 3 feet. To see a few more that I have made for a family last year check out my blog post on Jumbo Stockings.

They are great for using up the stash too.

So yes they are a bit large but they bring a huge smile and a sparkle in the eyes of all who see them especially the little ones.

Happy Holidays and Happy Quilting!

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