yarn, needles and knitting in progress

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

A few weeks ago I saw a post on Facebook by a friend for an Infinity Scarf from TinselMint for beginners and I liked it. The only problem being is that it was knitted not sewn like the infinity scarves I have been making all week are.

I do not knit. I did learn many, many years ago as a child and my dad taught me. His mother was an avid knitter and we always had new slippers for Christmas. Not always the colour you wanted but we had new slippers none the less.

My mom’s mom was a crocheter and I remember having an orange crocheted vest and skirt and my sister’s was yellow. Definitely the 70’s colours and not something I would wear today.

Back to knitting. I decided that I was going to make this scarf and Michael’s mum being an avid knitter could teach me how. I bought the yarn at The Purple Sock in Coldwater, Ontario and just about knocked Lynn & Debbe to their feet when I said I was going to learn how to knit. I chose a lovely 100% pure virgin wool called Charly by Filatura Di Crosa which is made in Italy. It is so soft.

First things first was to find the right sized needles from mum’s stash. I figured I would be getting long silver things but no I am using these gorgeous colourful wooden ones. A lot has changed in needles since I was a kid.

The knitting needles

Are these not just gorgeous needles.

I had my first lesson a few days ago and was off to a great start. Mum did the casting on for me – I’ll learn that next time around. If there is a next time.  I went home with about 3 inches of knit one, purl one all completed. They call this the seed stitch. I was impressed with how even my stitches and tension were.

Thursday night I decided to do some more knitting before I headed off to bed. I was moving along very well and then I discovered that I had somehow added another stitch. I had 34 and only needed 33. What do I do? I figured no one would ever notice if I did a double stitch and so I did.

Onward I carried having a great time trying to keep the yarn away from Frostie as I continued to knit. I finished for the night and took a look at my work. The seed stitch had a funny break in it and then it looked like it was backwards. Uh-oh I had definitely done something wrong.

top of knitting looks different than the bottom

The top inch looks different than the rest

This morning I did some reverse knitting (aka frogging in knitting) – see all the yarn.

stitches ripped out and yarn in a pile

Just a bit of reverse sewing

Now to put the stitches back on the needles.

stitches being put back on needles

Putting the stitches back on the needles

Stitches back on and I am ready to go as soon as Frostie gives me back my ball of yarn.

Cat sitting on the yarn ball

Frostie keeping the yarn safe

Mom I gave you the one you wanted now go away and leave me alone.

Cat lying on bag of yarn

Frostie looking after the rest of the yarn for me

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with the knitting. Only 5 ½ balls to go.

Happy Quilting!

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