Keeping track of your tools.

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

This weeks tool isn’t really a tool but rather a tip. I have headed south to California to take a quilting class and of course will have a lot of my tools with me.

How do I keep track of my tools and make sure they come home with me?

A very wise lady who is a friend from Yellowknife and a fellow quilter taught me when I first started out to mark everything with something unique to me. I chose a frog. I bought frog stickers and stuck them on everything I own and take with me when I go to class. It is a great way to ensure that you can keep track of your things and that it doesn’t accidentally go home with someone else.

Frogs on my ruler and rotary cutter.

Frogs on my ruler and rotary cutter.

You are probably wondering why I chose a frog.

As a little girl growing up on the farm I use to play outside a lot and always had a pair of overalls on with pockets. These pockets were great for collecting and carrying things that I found on the ground – like stones and salamanders and frogs. I use to go up to the house and say to my mom want to see what I have in my pocket and the response was always the same – take it back outside.

To this day I still love frogs. Here in Oro I am serenaded by them at night in the summer. The frogs and the crickets are quite the orchestra and lull me to sleep every night.

My cute little frog stickers.

My cute little frog stickers.

So a trip to the dollar store to buy some stickers to put on your supplies and tools is much cheaper than a new rotary cutter. I recommend taking that trip the next time you are in town.

It’s a frog – definitely cool and useful only to keep track of your stuff otherwise he just sits there looking cute.

Happy Quilting!

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