jumbo stockings and sacs

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Story Time Monday.

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted my Personalized Santa Sacs and talked about all the great designs that can be appliquéd onto them. This week I figured I would continue on with a post about the stockings.

Yes, I do make jumbo stocking and some smaller ones too. All the sac designs can be adapted to fit onto the stockings. Unfortunately, I have no patterns for the stockings at this time.

The jumbo stockings came about back in Australia as well when a client wanted a stocking rather than a sac. I was not given any specifications as to the size and figured well I might as well make it big enough to fit a small child into or lots of loot. The jumbo stockings are huge – 3 ft high and the foot is 2 feet wide. Can fit a small child in one. The smaller stockings are 2 ft high with an 18 inch foot. Still a really good size.

Here are a few of the designs already adapted onto the jumbo or smaller stocking. In fact the cat design still needs to be adapted to a sac – this one was done for my great niece who just loves cats.


Santa stocking

Smaller stocking with Santa

Tree and Snowman

tree & snowman stocking

Small stocking with tree & snowman


reindeer on jumbo stocking

Jumbo stocking with Rudolph

Christmas Cat

cat on jumbo stocking

Jumbo stocking with cat

As you can see in the photo at the top of the page I can also make matching sacs and stockings. I did these for a family out west who loved them I must say.

Each stocking is truly unique as I use different fabrics for each and every one. I will have one on display in my booth (#500) at Creativfest in October.

Happy Quilting!

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