Bargello in Winter Quilt

This is such a beautiful quilt to introduce my UFO Spotlight blog feature.  What is the UFO Spotlight?  As almost all quilters out there, I am far more productive creating quilt tops than I am in completing the finished quilt.  Thus, I have many, many Unfinished Objects in the queue.  Usually this is because I just can’t pass up an opportunity for a great class or a beautiful pattern that I see in a shop or come up with on my own.  Of course, creating a quilt for a client, show, class or a shop sample takes priority over personal projects and this adds to the number of quilts that are waiting for me to finish.

That said, there is no better feeling than tying off that last thread and asking my husband to hold the finished quilt up so that I can see the finished effect.

UFO Spotlight, then, is a blog feature where I will share with you my UFOs upon completion.  I hope that by sharing with you these finished quilts of paused projects I can help inspire and motivate you to go have a look in your unfinished quilt cupboard/trunk/drawer and see what you can finish.

A couple of years ago, my mother-in-law and I signed up for a series of online quilting classes taught by Ruth Blanchett of Arbee Designs.  At the time it just felt like a great way to work on a series of projects with Carolyn despite living on opposite sides of the world from each other.  Being an online course, we would be able to follow the lessons, work on the same quilt patterns together, compare fabric choices and the final results all while I was still living in the middle of the South Australian outback and my mother-in-law in Southern Ontario.

This is actually the fourth Bargello style quilt in a series that we took classes in that year.  We started with Bargello in Spring, followed by Bargello in Summer, then Autumn and finally Winter.

Not being one to ever blindly follow a pattern or recipe from start to finish, I started playing with extending the patterns and augmenting the pattern with complementary border designs.  Bargello in Winter was no exception – notice the bargello pattern in the outer border of this piece.

Next week I’ll share with you my current list of UFOs and we’ll set up a counter to track how I go at finishing off these outstanding quilts.  As I finish each one, I’ll feature it here on the blog to share with you all.

How many UFOs do you have in your closet?  Do you have one that you really want to finish and show off?  I invite you all to please share with us in the comments.  And, if you’d like, I would love to feature your own UFOs as you finish them right here on the Quilts by Jen blog.

And now, I’ll just leave you with images of the other bargello quilts in this series.

Bargello in Spring Quilt Bargello in Spring Quilt

Bargello in Summer Quilt Bargello in Summer Quilt

Bargello in Autumn Quilt Bargello in Autumn Quilt