A series of framed mini quilts

Welcome everyone to Technique Tuesday.  Every Tuesday I will be discussing or demonstrating a different technique or tool related to quilting.  Nothing too lengthy as I want to keep everyone’s attention.  Michael, my husband and I have compiled a long list of different techniques, tools, etc to talk about over the coming weeks and months – yes, the list is that long.  Our list is not extensive and I am sure we have missed a thing or two so if any of you have suggestions for techniques, are not sure how to do a technique or use a tool then please pass it along to me in the comments section and I will be happy to discuss or demonstrate the technique/tool.

Quilting Tip:  Don’t skip a step to save time – if you know you need to pin those pieces to make sure the seams match then pin because ripping out and resewing takes up a lot more of your time than just doing the pinning the first time.

Until next week, Happy Quilting!