A variety of colourful Christmas trivets

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Coffee Talk Saturday.

I am taking part in the York Heritage Quilt Show at the Toronto Botanical Gardens next weekend and will be doing a couple of demonstrations each day. After saying yes to doing the demos I thought what am I going to demo.

The first one was easy to come up with since the winter season is almost upon us – the infinity scarf. It is always nice to have a warm cozy scarf to keep the cold out and what better material to do so than Minky blanket which now comes in a huge variety of designs and colours.

pink, plush infinity scarf

Infinity scarf

The second demo I thought why not do something for Christmas that is quick and easy and would make a great hostess gift, last minute gift for a friend or just a great little piece for your own Christmas table. A trivet came to mind and so I set out creating a few designs – 7 to be exact.

All are done with the easy stitch & flip technique. Some have a bit of fusible appliqué to add a little extra detail to the design. Nothing hard – just nice and simple.

Another bonus about these little pieces is that they can use up some of those scraps that have been piling up and piling up and going no where but into a box or bag.

I used the Insul- Fleece from Pellon as the batting which is a polyester batting that has had aluminized scrim binder needle punched into it to help with keeping items hot or cold longer. I figured it would be better for protecting the table top from heat rather than cotton batting. They do say though that if you are going to put something hotter than 400 degrees on it, to sandwich it between layers of cotton batting – don’t want to melt the polyester.

Shiny-silvery batting

Insul – Fleece

It sounds crinkly when it is in the piece and is nice and light weight with a low loft. I did find that I had to pin the layers together when sewing and sew each row in the opposite direction to prevent shifting of the rows because it does have a bit of slippery/shiny finish to it. I also used my walking foot to sew the layers together and a nice sharp microtex needle.

Here are a couple of the designs in full view. Each trivet is 9 ½″ square.


Green tree on a red background

Tree trivet


white snowman on a blue background

Snowman trivet

The patterns for these cute little trivets will be available by the end of the week on the patterns page of the website as well as at the show.

So if you are out and about next weekend drop by the Toronto Botanical Gardens and check out all the great quilts, demos and vendors, not to mention the Botanical Gardens themselves. We look forward to seeing you there.

Happy Quilting!

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