Arc-i-texture piece

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday on Wednesday.

The inspiration did occur on Sunday as well as Friday and Saturday. The inspiration was wonderful and it all came from Carol Taylor.

Last fall when I was at the Waterloo County Quilt Guild speaking they announced that they would be having Carol Taylor teach and speak in May 2014. I was very excited to hear this as I had missed her twice before and had heard such great things about her classes.

The first time I missed her classes was in Yellowknife, we had left to go to Australia. Then she was teaching in Coff’s Harbour, NSW just after we left Australia to return here to Canada. I was thrilled when I was informed that there was room in her class and immediately signed up. Third time a charm.

Carol loves colour, texture and glitz. Her work is exceptional and very inspiring. The trunk show was amazing and she walked us through her journey from her first quilts to what she is creating now.

Sensuous Lines & Curves

Saturday’s class was called Sensuous Lines and Curves. It was all about couching wonderful yarns onto a background – skinny ones, light, medium & dark coloured ones, ones with texture and of course fat ones. This piece is 22 x 27 inches and of course isn’t finished yet – still more yarns to be added.

Multiple yarns couched on blue background

Background with couched yarns

The second part of this class was to add skinny curved lines to squares in contrasting colours. The skinnier the better. We learned some nifty tricks for doing this.

Fabric inserted into squares to create skinny curves and lines

Skinny curves and lines


Sunday’s class was called Arc-i-textures and was all about rectangles, squares and circles. There was appliqué and couching. My unfinished piece is featured at the top of the page. I know it looks finished but there is still more to do before the facing can be added. This piece is 15 inches square.

Below is a sample of yarn couched in a circle. This isn’t as hard as it looks especially when you use a couching foot.

Yarn couched in a circle

A couched circle

I look forward to finishing these pieces and of course I have added them to the UFO list – more UFO’s, that’s what happens when you go to classes.

I even used what I learned and some of the yarn I purchased to add couching to my Stitch Along Sunday – April Week 4 challenge piece. 

I had a fantastic weekend and thank the Waterloo Guild along with Marilyn and Marsha for organizing this event.

Happy Quilting!

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