Inspiration From A Piece Of Paper Towel

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

This morning I was getting the laundry together and when I picked up a dish towel off the table something fell to the floor. I bent down and picked it up and there was a couple of pieces of paper towel which had been sandwiched between two stained glass pieces that Michael found the other day in the clothes boxes under the bed. I don’t know why they were in there but they were. We bought them way back in Yellowknife and have not had them on display since living there so it is time to put them up again.

Oh right, the paper towel. I guess I should get to the point of this story. I saw the design on the paper towel and thought very cool, I could use it in my quilting. These squiggles look like a tree with a heart on top. What a great free motion quilting motif they would make especially along a border.

What other household items do you have lying around that could be used as a quilting motif?

Happy Quilting!

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