Scrap Crazy Pieces

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Technique Tuesday.

A couple of weeks ago I introduced a new set of templates on Cool Tool Thursday called the Scrap Crazy 6″ templates.

I am really excited to start using these little templates as they have so many possibilities and I am hoping that possibly I might just use up many of those scraps that I have even though scrappy quilts aren’t quite my thing. Controlled scrappy I am okay with but not true scrappy.

The templates also work with yardage which is what I am going to use today to demonstrate how to cut the pieces.

Cutting the Shapes

To begin I have cut a 6″ strip of each of these five fabrics.

Orange, pink and yellow fabrics

My fabric choices

Then I layered 4 of them on top of each other and cut off the selvage. I used the pink, orange, yellow and one feature fabric in each of the sets. I didn’t want both feature fabrics in each block.

Do you recognize some of the fabric – yes, I used it for my mug rug yesterday. I figured it was sitting on the table so I might as well use it up.

The templates lay out like this on the strip with another 8-9 inches still to go.

4 templates lying on top of yellow fabric

Templates of fabric strip

I actually cut the strips into 3 sections.

Section 1

It is cut at 7 ¼″ and uses templates A & B. They are laid out like this.

Yellow fabric with two templates on top

Templates A & B

Then what fabric is left is flipped over to create a mirror image of template B.

template B on backside of fabric

Template B on reverse of fabric

Section 2

This section is cut at 5″ and uses templates C & D. They are laid out like this.

two templates C & D on yellow fabric

Templates C & D

Section 3

The last section is whatever is left in the strip which is about 8 inches or so. This section is also flipped over so that the mirror image of the templates can be cut. This section uses templates A, C & D.

Three templates on wrong side of fabric

Remaining fabric cut from wrong side

Make sure to cut all the little blunt edges of each template as this will help with lining up the pieces when sewing them together.

I didn’t do any cutting with template E which is part of template A.

The cutting was very straight forward but definitely slow with having to position and cut each template – layering the strips definitely helps to speed up the cutting process. Also cutting the strip into sections made it more manageable and easier to handle for cutting the separate templates.

The Block Layout

These are the pieces laid out to create one block.

Scrap Crazy Pieces

The four pieces that make up the block

And here is the mirror image beside it.

Pieces make up mirror image blocks

Mirror image blocks

From the strips of fabric above I was able to cut enough fabric for 16 blocks. I am not a hundred percent sure what I will be creating with these blocks but am pretty sure I’ll be cutting a few more pieces.

See you tomorrow when I start sewing everything together.

Happy Quilting!

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