A Great Way To Store Your Bobbins
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We all have them – bobbins galore! I am not sure about you but I seem to have a lot of bobbins and I will not wind another colour over top of a partly used bobbin so that means a new bobbin to add to the collection every time I do not have the colour of thread I need. Storing all of these bobbins can be an issue but thank heavens for these wonderful rubber storage units called Bobbin Saver Bobbin Organizer by Blue Feather Products.

I find these to be an easy and very efficient way of keeping my bobbins in order. When I had 2 different makes of machines with 2 different bobbins I colour coded the bobbin holders. Blue for the Bernina bobbins and red for the Pfaff bobbins.

I have grouped colours together in 2 of the holders while the third holder is for specialty threads which seem to get very unruly and keep unwinding. I could buy some tiny little pony tailer holders to secure the thread on the bobbins like I have for my spools of thread. In fact I have another holder for my Bottom Line thread with a lid as I find they just will not stayed rolled on the bobbin nicely. At least the lid keeps them all contained. I much prefer the Bobbin Saver bobbin holder as there are no lids to remove and the bobbins slide in and out very easily.

The ads say that they fit both small and large bobbins but I find that the small bobbins work way better in them than the large bobbins.

Bonus, they even come in purple now to match your Gypsy Sit Upon.

How do you store your bobbins?

Happy Quilting!

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