My brain today - vast expanse of nothingness.

My brain today – vast expanse of wide open nothingness.  Photo courtesy of Houlden Studios Photography

Hey Everyone, welcome to coffee talk Saturday.  So, here I sit and have been most of the day trying to figure out what to write about – not so easy when it isn’t a quilt related topic like Monday – Friday.  I might have to rectify that problem and make the weekend quilt related as well.

In the time that I have been trying to figure out what to write I have:

  • delivered my husband who has a broken ankle to the ski hill – yep you read right the very ski hill where he broke the said ankle
  • thought about what am I going to write today
  • returned home and took our 14 year old dog Soda for an hour long walk (she hasn’t figured out she is 14 and shouldn’t be able to walk that far all in one go)
  • thought again about what am I going to write today
  • had lunch not that it was much of lunch – I guess if you can call a toasted bagel lunch then it was lunch
  • thought oh well I’ll write my blog post later, I have sewing to do
  • worked on the centre of a sunflower piece that I am creating for my gallery show in April – after 4.5 hrs of work I finally had a 10 x 10 inch square
  • went back to the ski hill and collected my husband still with a broken ankle and luckily no other broken bones – crutches and snow really do not mix well
  • told my husband I hadn’t written my blog post but then again either has he and said I had no clue what to write about when asked why not
  • went for a prolonged drive home to an area we had never visited before, very nice waterfront property to be found there
  • made and ate dinner
  • now sitting at the computer writing this silly post
  • oh yeah and amongst all of that I did laundry, drank numerous cups of coffee, talked on the phone and answered the doorbell when it rang

One good thing did come about me sitting here and wondering what to write about. While I was going through photos to see if there was any inspiration to be found there for me I discovered a photo of a quilt that I had made a couple of years ago and didn’t like one of the blocks.  As I was looking at the photo I figured out how to change the block to fit in better and so I will be able to complete the quilt now and strike another one off the UFO list.

So some days may just be like this, not much to say but an ah-ha moment of what to do about a block that I didn’t like and to make me want to pick the piece up again and finish it.

Happy Quilting

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