Cool hotel carpet

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Inspirational Sunday.

Last week when we went to Newfoundland we were very late getting into Deer Lake due to departing Toronto not quite on time. The flight was pretty much uneventful except for the wonderful turbulence on descent and landing – now I know that most people do not like this but I on the other hand love it. I don’t’ know why but I have always loved bumpy landings. I know I am strange.

To go along with the strangeness we checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Deer Lake and headed up the elevator to our floor. The doors opened and out I stepped with suitcase in tow. And then I stopped in mid stride as I was totally mesmerized by the carpet. I started to speak about it and Michael abruptly returned me to reality to get out of the way so everyone could disembark from the elevator and go to bed. It was nearly 0300.

Hotel carpet design with lots of movement and colour

So much movement in the design and great colours

Who gets excited about carpet at that hours of the morning? Apparently I do. The next morning Michael was out there photographing the different designs for me and I didn’t even have to ask him. I guess he figured the way I stopped in mid stride I would be wanting pictures.

Hotel carpet close up

A close up of another section

My favourite section of the carpet is the square at the top of the page – it reminds me of a class I took way back when and never finished the quilt. Guess I should pull it out and finish it someday.

Pretty awesome carpet designs – even more awesome quilts. I think I know what I will be using my African fabrics for.

Happy Quilting!

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