Magnetic heart with needle on it

Hey Everyone, welcome back to Cool Tool Thursday.

I have seen many magnetic devices for keeping track of your scissors and needles when hand sewing but none quite as cute as this one. A friend of my mother-in-law’s gave me this one and I have to say it is a very nice design. I love the heart and the detail in the design.

As everyone knows it is so easy to loose track of your scissors and hand sewing needles – I do it all the time. I am also very bad at just sticking the needles into the arm of the chair which really isn’t a very good habit to have..

This little heart with a magnet at the back can be attached to my clothing or to my little hand sewing kit. This little kit I picked up at the market in Otavello, Ecuador a few years ago. The heart looks great on it.

magnetic heart on bag with scissors attached

Heart and scissors attached to case.

So no excuse for losing my needle or scissors as I sit in the easy chair hand stitching and watching a movie.

How do you keep track of your needles and scissors when hand sewing?

Happy Quilting!

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